Cosmetic Dentistry

Virginia Beach Cosmetic Dentist Creates Stunning Smiles

At Santos Dental Health & Wellness, Inc., we adopt a unique approach to cosmetic dentistry. It’s true that our Virginia Beach cosmetic dentist creates stunningly beautiful smiles, and craft those smiles in conjunction with establishing optimal oral health and considering dental longevity and comfort. You see, a smile isn’t truly beautiful if it doesn’t feel good and function well.

As a cosmetic dentistry patient at our Virginia Beach dental office, you’ll experience personalized attention and an extraordinary focus on detail to create the optimal solution for your unique needs. Dr. Santos will evaluate the current condition of your smile and discuss your long-term aesthetic goals in order to customize a treatment plan that delivers on every level.

Cosmetic dentistry

Dr. Santos believes in providing our patients with what he feels are the best treatments available, including:

  • Porcelain and minimal-prep veneers to transform front teeth marred by flaws
  • Take-home teeth whitening to erase stains from coffee, tea, tobacco, and other discoloring substances
  • White fillings and crowns to renew the form, function, and appearance of compromised teeth
  • Laser contouring of gum tissue to reveal hidden smiles

Choose a single treatment or a combination of therapies to revitalize your appearance and achieve the smile of your dreams.

Experience excellence in dentistry for a smile that speaks volumes.

Call Santos Dental Health & Wellness, Inc. today to schedule an appointment or consultation.

Located in Virginia Beach, our dental office serves families in Norfolk, Chesapeake, North Carolina, and surrounding areas.