TMJ Treatment

Non-Invasive TMJ Treatment

Are you unable to fully close or open your mouth? Do you suffer from headaches or undiagnosed facial pain? Are you planning major dental treatment? Your temporomandibular joints (TMJ) should be evaluated prior to undergoing comprehensive rehabilitative dentistry, as well as to determine the source of existing discomfort. Dr. Santos has delivered non-invasive TMJ treatments to restore balance and encourage proper jaw joint function for residents of Virginia Beach and surrounding areas.

TMJ Dysfunction

Causes of Jaw Joint Dysfunction

The jaw functions as intended when the joints, muscles, and ligaments work in unison. If an element of this precise system is negatively impacted by a misaligned bite, trauma to the jaw joints, or stress, pain can develop throughout the body.

Customized TMJ Treatments

At your TMJ consultation at our Virginia Beach dental office, Dr. Santos will examine your jaw, evaluate your bite (the way your top and bottom teeth fit together), and discuss your symptoms. Often, a custom-made appliance that holds the jaw in optimal alignment alleviates discomfort. The doctor may also recommend building up the surface of back teeth to correct bite misalignment. Dr. Santos teams with specialists in the area, including orthodontists and surgeons, to provide comprehensive care and complete solutions to help manage your jaw joint problems.

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